Fanning Springs Storage 16910 US-19 Fanning Springs, FL 32693 (352) 480-0703
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Elizabeth Hensley 05/19/16
Recommend: Yes
This is a GREAT place to store stuff. The units & property are very clean & secure. it is easy to get to & the Manager & her husband could not have been nicer. When we could not get our stuff out on the deadline due to transportation problems we were allowed to use our deposit to extend the tie without any problem. but most important of all they caught our three precious Kitties who got loose while we were unloading and our inpatient driver absolutely refused to wait for us to coax them back to us. We were worried sick! But they managed to catch them for us & the busy husband took several hours of his time to get them to our new house. We had a hard time finding it because it is down a side street, I don't see well right now due to needing new glasses &I have topographical agnosia which means I can & have gotten lost trying to find a restaurant I 'd been to several times that was just across the street from a post office I was at., Always have your babies' eyes tested! ASAP!